_Matterhorn origami
_Style equation
_Animal attraction
_Identité remarquable
_Silent movies
_Nautical but nice
_Silver screen
_Baiser du dragon
_Le temps des cerises
_Black sheep
_Soft focus
_Urban tribal
_Stone therapy
_Hundreds & thousands
_Bubbles and fairy tales
_Poule de luxe
_Rock chic
_Liquorice galuchat
_Jasmin in Soho
_Recto verso
_Indian summer
_Genealogy I, II
_Macarons & sculptures
_Tokyo rose
_Kimono vegetables
_A fleur de peau
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In admiration of Japanese aestheticism and being inspired by a recent visit to the Land of the Rising Sun, Tiffany Rowe has created a new collection that evokes the ephemeral beauty of cherry blossom. "Japan has the power to truly inspire and attract me. I am fascinated by the pure feminine lines of the traditional Kimono, richly embroidered silk and delightful fragile ornaments. In creating the pendant earrings and hair style accessories, I sought to pay homage to that delicate and light femininity which is so often hidden in urban society." This series encompasses transparent and coloured glass droplets, pearlized spheres and genuine baroque pearls.

Admirative de l'esthétisme japonais et inspirée par un récent voyage au pays du soleil levant, Tiffany Rowe crée une nouvelle collection qui évoque des cerisiers en fleurs. Cette collection de boucles et d'accessoires pour cheveux se décline en gouttes de verre transparentes et colorées, en sphères nacrées et en véritables perles baroques.

Photography by Guillaume Furst

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