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Poule de luxe

In French, the term "poule de luxe" literally means a "luxury hen" but refers generally to a lady who enjoys comfort and luxury. Playing on this notion of extravagance and richness, Tiffany Rowe's humoristic collection of jewellery and hats is made of highly unusual material rarely associated with making jewellery. Aluminium, chicken wire, feathers and polystyrene are frequently used in this collection.

Un clin d'œil malicieux et humoristique au monde de la mode, voici des bijoux confectionnées à partir de matériaux peu communs dans la bijouterie : aluminium, grillage de poulailler, plumes, attaches rapides...

Photography by Aliona Kuznetsova

Makeup by Maria Huber

Models Laetitia S and Laura Henchoz

Copyright © crea-tiff by Tiffany Rowe. All rights reserved.