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Liquorice galuchat

Inspired by the famous Liquorice Allsorts sweeties and their hundred and thousand sugar bead coating, Tiffany Rowe decided to create a colourful collection of globular pendants as intriguing to the eye as they are to the touch. Fascinated by the granular surface of shagreen (sharksin or galuchat, in vogue in the 1930's), Tiffany wanted to recreate a modern version of this delightful substance. The pendants are thus covered with a myriad of tiny beads which compliment the twinkle of the precious stones.

Attirée par les couleurs pastelles des Liquorice Allsorts, Tiffany Rowe crée un collection de pendentifs inspirés par ces célèbres bonbons anglais recouverts de non pareils en sucre. Des gouttelettes de résine aux courbes généreuses encapsulent des pierres précieuses. Une myriade de minuscules billes recouvre la surface et évoque la structure texturisée du galuchat.

Photography by Tiffany Rowe

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