_Matterhorn origami
_Style equation
_Animal attraction
_Identité remarquable
_Silent movies
_Nautical but nice
_Silver screen
_Baiser du dragon
_Le temps des cerises
_Black sheep
_Soft focus
_Urban tribal
_Stone therapy
_Hundreds & thousands
_Bubbles and fairy tales
_Poule de luxe
_Rock chic
_Liquorice galuchat
_Jasmin in Soho
_Recto verso
_Indian summer
_Genealogy I, II
_Macarons & sculptures
_Tokyo rose
_Kimono vegetables
_A fleur de peau
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True to crea-tiff’s style, each of these statement piece ornaments is handmade and unique in every way. For this collection, Tiffany Rowe is inspired by the solar system and its elements. The waxing and waning of the moon for example is transcribed by large beaded buttons mounted as asymmetrical necklaces. Stars and orbiting plantets are suggested by using mobile pearls captured in draped mesh tubing. Plumes of cloud are evoked in a necklace of cascading frosted petals; finally water is suggested by falling drops of clear resin. Strong and slightly mysterious, this collection is quintessentially feminine.

Chaque pièce de cette collection est unique et faite à la main. Tiffany Rowe s'est inspirée du ciel et de ses étoiles: des colliers-galaxies qui encerclent le cou et les épaules, des perles de résine mobiles, une fine pluie de pétales givrées... Puissante et mysterieuse, cette collection est un hommage à la quitessance de la féminité.

Photography: Frederic Laverriere

Models: Diane-Laure Ren (blonde) and Veronicas Cubas (brunette)

Make-up: Ksenia Rudkowska

Jewellery: crea-tiff bijoux

Artistic direction and postproduction: Tiffany Rowe


Photography: Daniel Calderon

Make-up: Roxane Mercerat

Model: Bertie Labelle

Wool corset and necklace : crea-tiff bijoux

Copyright © crea-tiff by Tiffany Rowe. All rights reserved.